VDMpay TNCs - NOTICE Upon participation in the VDMpay, subscription to pay service the time to pay "subscriber" will be bound to and explicitly agree to be bound to and by the following conditions. VDMpay NowFull TnCs

VDMpay Full T&C’s

VDMpay by Music Is Life Festival is a ‘SUBSCRIPTION PAYMENT PLAN’ that allows you to book and SECURE your tickets NOW and pay them off in 3, 6 OR 9 easy monthly payments.

Use of the VDMpay time to pay ticket booking service attracts a $9.95 Administration Fee per ticket.

This administration fee and your first payment will be processed once you checkout on our website with all subsequent payments being deducted from your nominated card.

VDMpay will send you a final confirmation e-mail to your stated e-mail address when all payments have been successfully processed.

Your tickets will be sent to your stated e-mail address within 48 hours of your final payment reaching our account.

Payments Management

Upon checkout and processing your initial payment you will create an account on our website.

You can check your term balance, make additional payments, finalise your plan early, update your credit or debit card information and even pause payments by simply logging back into your account.

Payment Defaults

Please ensure you have funds available in your nominated and authorised payment option.

All VDMpay ‘SUBSCRIPTION PAYMENT PLANS’ must be paid in FULL by 14 days before the event commencement date. Failure to do so due to defaulted payments will result in forfeit of your tickets and order.

If your nominated payment method cannot be processed due to insufficient funds on the scheduled payment date for the relevant month, the system will automatically retry your payment again each day for 3 days. If it fails again on the third attempt your account will become suspended and you will need to login to your account and recommence payments. It is your responsibility to manage your payments.

VDMpay Cancellation

NB: You may cancel future payments and your order, however, this will mean you forfeit your tickets and you acknowledge that no refunds will be honoured for any funds paid to date.