Media Terms & Conditions

VDMfest Media Terms & Conditions - Event Date - 2nd & 3rd October 2021, Biloela QLD Upon ticket purchase or use of gifted, promotional or "free" approved ticket use for any purpose, to any “VDMfest”, restricted or all ages event, you, the "attendee" will be bound to and explicitly agree to be bound to and by the following conditions.
  1. Passes are non-transferable and must be worn correctly at all times.
  2. VDMfest reserves the right to refuse accreditation. Completion of the application process does not guarantee approval of application.
  3. VDMfest Media Policy, Conditions of Entry & Media Event Code of Conduct are displayed at the accreditation collection points and apply to all approved applicants. Breach of any policy or terms and conditions may result in confiscation of pass, withdrawal of accreditation privileges and removal from the festival site.
  4. Approved applicants who are travelling with the event as Accredited Media, agree to attend the Media Briefing as a condition of accreditation.
  5. Access to areas is restricted in accordance with the pass.
  6. In the event that a company completes this application form for or on behalf of its employees, contractors or any other person, the company agrees to indemnify VDMfest against any loss, liability, damage, cost or expense whatsoever and howsoever arising (whether direct or indirect) resulting from or in connection with any claim threatened or made or action brought against VDMfest in respect of or in connection with the acts or omissions of an applicant endorsed by the company as part of this application form.
  7. Approved applicants are required to personally present valid identification, sign for and collect their pass, and by doing so agree to abide by the VDMfest Terms and Conditions of Accreditation and Conditions of Entry.
  8. Freelancers will not be accredited unless they are assigned by a recognized media organisation and meet all other media requirements.
  9. On arrival to the festival, you must present to Security at the main gate. On presentation of photo identification you will be allocated your media accreditation. Accreditation must be worn and displayed at all times.
  10. Media & photographers are not permitted in backstage areas unless escorted by a member of the VDMfest Media team. Under no circumstances should media personnel walk through the backstage area. Should this occur or should media/photographers not follow directions of festival staff/security, we reserve the right to immediately cancel accreditation and revoke all festival access.
  11. Photographers are permitted access to the area between the main stage and the crowd barrier- but must be escorted by a VDMfest Security member. As the barrier is provided primarily to assist security in crowd control and patron safety, photographers must be aware of the crowd activity and security at all times. Security and staff instructions must be adhered to at all times. Use of flash is not permitted.
  12. Media & Photographers must comply with the conditions of entry to the festival as well as adhere to the VDMfest Health and Safety Policy.
  13. The sale of images taken at VDMfest is strictly prohibited, unless permitted in writing by the Festival Managing Director.
  14. A copy of all photographic/broadcasted material must be forwarded to the Festival Managing Director no later than 5pm the next business working day. All material to be submitted in a published format, and all digital media coverage to be supplied & approved before being published.