Conditions of Entry

VDMfest Entry Conditions - Event Date - 2nd & 3rd October 2021, Biloela QLD Upon ticket purchase to any “VDMfest”, restricted or all ages event, you, the "attendee" will be bound to and explicitly agree to be bound to and by the following conditions.
  1. “VDMfest” is an all ages event, HOWEVER, random identification checks can & will be performed during the festival, especially when purchasing Alcohol.  ALL Under Age Patrons will also have a different Colour Wristband so they are easily Identifiable.
  2. No pass outs.
  3. Camping for the VDMfest is available.  You simply pay your Site Fee when you Purchase your Ticket.  There are Powered and unpowered sites however, you are welcome to BYO power source, but you must be considerate and not start a generator before 6am or after 10pm.
  5. Security staff are entitled to search, pat down or metal detect any patron upon entry or during the event. Any person not compliant will be refused entry or removed from the event – without a refund.
  6. You may be filmed / photographed at festival & footage/images may be used by, replicated, reproduced & published by future entertainment for any use including but not limited to marketing & promotional uses.
  7. Disruptive or anti-social behavior will NOT be tolerated either within the event or the local area. A significant police and security presence will be in place enforce this and you will be banned from any future events.
  8. “VDMfest” entertains the right to refuse entry to any patron.
  9. Please respect the neighbors and residents whilst entering and exiting the event – keep noise levels to a minimum and place your rubbish in the bins
  10. Familiarize yourself with first aid locations.
  11. Stay hydrated. Water is available on site and can then be purchased from the bar.
  12. Most of all, enjoy yourselves and play safe.
  13. Some of the artists appearing at “VDMfest” may use lyrics, language or gestures whilst entertaining that some people may find offensive. If such language or behaviour concerns you, please do not attend.
  14. Remember to bring ID, your ticket, important phone numbers, sun block, any medication you may need, a hat, covered shoes, charged mobile phone, pen, still camera. If you have any chronic conditions or illness (i.e asthma, diabetes, epilepsy) be sure to carry information regarding your condition & emergency contact number on you at all times.
  15. Allow enough time to get to & into the show. It can take some time to get through the gates & security checks depending on the time of day so please be patient.
  16. Make sure you dress in accordance with the weather forecast. Wear sensible shoes & clothes and bring a raincoat if needed.
  17. Possession and/or consumption of illegal substances will not be tolerated.
  18. Any patron found to be intoxicated on arrival or within the venue will be ejected from the venue and if need be in more extreme cases, handed over to police.
  19. You can bring a small bag or backpack but remember that it will take longer to get into the show as it will be searched.
  20. Read the information provided in this document for restricted items conditions such as Video or recording gear, drugs or alcohol, glass, umbrellas, toys, animals, umbrellas, etc.
  21. No spike collars, studded belts or sharp jewellery etc will be allowed.
  22. Make sure you pace yourself, drink plenty of water, eat some food that will give you some energy & be sure to get rest, when you can, to maximize your enjoyment on the day.
  23. No liquids, food items or fruit will be allowed through the entrance.
  24. It is an offence to smoke in the venue except in a designated smoking area.
  25. Pets – Unfortunately, domesticated animals are not permitted on the festival site or in the campgrounds except for certified companion dogs.